Are you a Wrinkler or a Sagger?

At Oklahoma SkinCare our free patient assessment includes evaluating your skincare needs, first by asking what you like and don’t like about your skin and then addressing each of those needs with your personalized plan to smooth, plump and tighten as needed. Restoring your skin and starting an antiaging program will restore your confidence, too!

An easy way to self-evaluate is to look in the mirror and decide if your problems fall into either the “wrinkle” or “sagging” categories. Some people may belong to both groups, but most people tend toward one or the other.

Ask yourself, do you see more deep lines around the mouth, eyes, chin, clusters of fine lines on the upper lip, cheeks, under eyes? You are a Wrinkler, and your corrections lie with Botox to relax the underlying muscles, and lasers to resurface the skin.

If you see more hollow areas, at the temples, flattened cheeks, sagging and laxity along the jaw and neck, then your problem is loss of volume. Sagging requires plumping up and restoring lost volume using various fillers, Juvederm or Radiesse, dissolving the fat pad under the chin, Kybella, and even tightening of the lax skin with Pelleve or Fractional LASER treatments.

Of course, your evaluation may reveal both wrinkling and sagging, in which case we combine the options above to achieve the desired result. Additionally, for brown and red discoloration and sun damage, we can add IPL (intense pulsed light), and of course, the correct combination of at-home products for your daily skincare & anti-aging regimen.

So whether you’re in the wrinkle or sagging club, or you have a little of both, come visit us for a FREE consult and your personalized program to restore and rejuvenation your skin, taking years off your appearance and return to feeling as good as you look!

Call Oklahoma SkinCare today @ 405-749-2273.

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