Eyebrow Restoration & Replacement


Restore and shape your eyebrows

It’s something many take for granted, but it’s surprising what kind of attention thinning and absent eyebrows can bring to your face. At Kevin McMullen, MD we use the most modern hair transplantation techniques to reshape and restore eyebrows.

An eyebrow restoration procedure from is a fantastic option to replace eyebrows and fill in areas of eyebrow hair loss. Our eyebrow hair replacement and restoration procedure use the same cutting edge technology as our scalp hair restorations, leaving no unsightly scars and offering a short recovery time.


Eyebrow hair restoration is artfully designed

At Kevin McMullen, MD we take into account many factors when performing eyebrow restoration surgery. Your eyebrows are unique to your face and we work to create the best looking brows for your features, facial type and the shape you want for your eyebrows. Your face is your first impression and we will work hard to ensure the results you desire are the results we will achieve. Read more about the art form of eyebrow restoration.


Eyebrow hair restoration methods and cost

We use the same cutting-edge NeoGraft follicular unit extraction technology that is used in our normal hair transplants on your eyebrows. This means that an eyebrow replacement procedure at Kevin McMullen, MD is:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Free of unsightly scars at the donor site
  • A fast recovery for patients


Schedule your free eyebrow restoration consultation

Whether you are looking for a full eyebrow replacement, or just to enhance, touch-up or shape your existing brows, Kevin McMullen, MD's state-of-the-art follicular unit extraction technology to create natural looking brows using your own hair.

Don’t neglect one of your face’s most important features. Learn more about eyebrow hair restoration procedures and the costs by scheduling a free consultation with Kevin McMullen, MD. Contact Dr. Kevin McMullen’s office today at 405-751-4848 to schedule a free consultation.

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