Hair Testimonials


“You truly made me feel that I was more than just a client running through your office. Again thank you for your time and expertise.”

– KB


“I want to take this time to thank you for all you have done for me. Simple little words, but they convey more than I can say.”

– RW


“I wanted to write a note of appreciation to you and your fine staff. I have always felt very cared for and enjoyed my visits. I thank you for creating the environment of positive and uplifting patient care that exists in your office.”

– JM


“Thank you for your consultation. We will gladly refer you to our family and friends for ALL the services you and your office staff provides.”

– DH


“I underwent a Neograft hair transplant. The procedure was painless as was the few days after the procedure. I think the Neograft is the only way to go. I had no stitches and I have no scar anywhere. Plus the hairs look entirely natural. I am very happy with the results and can highly recommend the procedure to anyone in need of hair transplants. I went to work on the third day after surgery and could have gone a day sooner.”

– JC


“As I researched my thinning hair options, I was not too pleased to hear about the surgery where they cut a strip of scalp from the back of the head. That’s when I heard about NeoGraft, a simple minor procedure. The procedure was painless and I was able to go back to work the next day. I felt no discomfort. And I love the results. I will definitely recommend the Neograft procedure to all my friends.”

– WR


“I knew I did not want a big scar that looked like a smile on the back of my head. I was advised to look into the NeoGraft FUE procedure. It was exactly the answer for me and I am thrilled. The procedure was so darn easy to tolerate. Recovery was a breeze. The NeoGraft procedure was everything I was told it would be.”

–  DR


“After my previous strip procedure, the Neograft procedure by Dr. McMullen and his staff was so much better! They took great care of me, and my procedure was painless. Cannot recommend them highly enough!”

–  GC

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