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Kevin McMullen, MD

General & Vascular Surgeon located in Oklahoma City, OK

Feminine rejuvenation with minimally invasive Votiva® treatments can improve vaginal laxity and dryness issues as well as help you feel more confident about your vaginal health. Expert board-certified surgeon Kevin McMullen, MD, offers personalized Votiva sessions right in the office. Find out if Votiva is right for you by booking a consultation at this Oklahoma City-based practice. Click on the online scheduler to book, or call the clinic directly.

Feminine Rejuvenation Q & A

Why should I get feminine rejuvenation?

Restoring your feminine wellness is essential for your vaginal health, intimate relationship, and overall confidence level. Feminine rejuvenation with Votiva might be right for you if you experience:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal looseness
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Pain during intercourse

Feminine rejuvenation treatments are also ideal for tightening labial skin that might be hanging down too low and causing discomfort. Although many of these vaginal concerns are related to menopause, in some cases, pregnancy and delivery, or even genetics are to blame.

What happens during a feminine rejuvenation session?

Dr. McMullen performs feminine rejuvenation treatments with the state-of-the-art Votiva system right in the office. During your Votiva treatment, Dr. McMullen inserts the system’s small probe into your vaginal canal.

Votiva immediately starts delivering radiofrequency energy deep into your vaginal tissues. This stimulates a healing response where your skin cells start regenerating. Over time as new vaginal tissues develop, your vaginal skin tightens up. Plus, the new, healthier vaginal tissues replenish the natural moisture in your vagina.

The entire Votiva feminine rejuvenation treatment at the office of Kevin McMullen, MD, is quick, taking just about 5-10 minutes, and is entirely painless. Most women report feeling just a little warmth during their session.

How long does it take for feminine rejuvenation to work?

The benefit of Votiva is that because it isn’t a surgical procedure, you don’t have to worry about a lengthy downtime and recovery period. Dr. McMullen usually recommends avoiding sexual intercourse or wearing tampons for just a few days, or until any initial soreness subsides.

You should start noticing an improvement with your vaginal wellness within a couple weeks. Depending on how well your body responds to Votiva, you experience dramatic results shortly after your first treatment. But you could need up to two to three sessions, each spaced several weeks apart, for optimal results.

Additionally, results from feminine rejuvenation with Votiva are long-lasting. Once you achieve the results you want, Dr. McMullen can schedule your for maintenance sessions once or twice a year, so you can prevent future issues.

Learn more about minimally invasive feminine rejuvenation treatments offered at the office of Kevin McMullen, MD, by scheduling a consultation. Book online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.